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Targeted Business Email Lists



Digital Advertising Opportunities

We offer 3 terrific options to help you succeed in email marketing:

  1.  Purchase a targeted "Email List"

  2.  Advertise with our "Digital Broadcast Service"

  3.  Advertise in our "Digital Product Showcase Newsletter"

The Details:

1. Purchase the best "Email List" in the business and self deploy

Acquiring a list of our verified email addresses to reach out directly to your best prospects.  You can email them directly or use hosting service such as Constant Contact or MailChimp to name a few.   With Pinpoint Technologies list update service you will always have a current list to use and with our 100% guarantee of accuracy you never need to be concerned with bounces or returned names.  To find out more about our many email lists:  Click Here to View Our Email Files

2. Use our "Digital Broadcast Service" and let us handle the details

Pinpoint Technologies will reach out and deliver your customized HTML messages on your behalf.  That's right, you can select any list by industry, and/or job function and have us deploy the list for you.  We can even design the HTML Ad if needed. Find out more now:  Click Here For More Details

3. Advertise in our quarterly "Digital Product Showcase Newsletter" to reach the masses

Reaching out to prospective clients with our email Newsletter Showcase Services makes e Marketing easy and inexpensive.  We send out monthly blast to different market segments.

 - Showcase Details: Click Here For More Details

 - Technical Specs, Industries, Dates and Cost: Click Here For More Details

 Download our Email Tips and Recommendation Guideline

     For recommendation and tips on creating the best email
     campaign possible:  Click Here For More Details

Call today to discover how we can direct you to the
best email list possible. 





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