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    Proprietary Lists

Our lists can be used for:

  Email Advertising        Telemarketing

                           Postal / Direct Mail

Industrial Manufacturing and Related Industries

     Adscan: Human Resources Contacts:  Click Here
     Aeroscan: Aerospace Manufacturing Contacts:  Click Here
     Autoscan: Automotive Manufacturing Contacts: Click Here           
     Canscan: Canadian Manufacturing Contacts: Click Here
     Chemicalscan: Chemical Manufacturing Contacts: Click Here
     Chipscan: Semiconductor & Electronics Mfg: Click Here                
     Controlscan: Engineering Contacts in Industrial Mfg: Click Here

     E-Scan: Industrial Electronics Mfg Contacts:  Click Here
     Execscan: Upper Level Management Contacts: Click Here
     Factoryscan: Master List of
Manufacturing Contacts: Click Here
     Foodscan: Food Manufacturing Contacts: Click Here
     Freezscan: Frozen Food Mfg Contacts: Click Here            
     Greenscan: Environmental Compliance Contacts: Click Here
     Machinescan: Industrial Equipment Mfg Contacts: Click Here

     Maintscan: Maintenance Eng Contacts in Industry: Click Here    
     Metalscan: Metal Foundries & Fabrication Contacts:  Click Here     
     NPD-Scan: New Product Research and Dev Contacts: Click Here
     Petroscan: Petrochemical Manufacturing Contacts: Click Here
     Pharmascan: Worlds Largest Pharma Companies: Click Here
     Plantscan: Plant Eng, Facilities, Maintenance Contacts: Click Here
     Plasticscan: Plastic and Rubber Mfg Contacts: Click Here
     Printscan: Printing Contacts:  Click Here
     Prodscan: Plant Process, Production, Design, Ops Contact: Click Here
Projectscan: Project Management Contacts: Click Here
     Pulpscan: Paper and Pulp Manufacturing Contacts: Click Here
     Purscan: Purchasing Contacts: Click Here     
Qualscan: QA/QC Contacts:  Click Here
     Safescan: Safety Contacts:  Click Here
     Stonescan: Stone, Glass & Concrete Mfg Contacts: Click Here
     Techscan: IT/MIS Contacts:  Click Here
     Textilescan: Textile & Apparel Goods Mfg: Click Here             
     Transcans: Transportation Vehicle Mfg Contacts: Click Here
     Warescan: Warehousing, Logistics, Supply Chain: Click Here
Woodscan: Lumber and Wood Mfg Contacts: Click Here


      Lifescan: Biotech & Pharma Research Contacts: Click Here
      Clinscan: Clinical Diagnostic Testing Lab Contacts: Click Here

      Labscan: Environmental Laboratories Contacts: Click Here
      Devicescan: Medical Device Mfg Facilities Contacts: Click Here            
      Testscan: Our Master List of Lab Contacts: Click Here
      CLIA: Clinical Lab Improvement Act Laboratories:  Click Here


   Engineering & Construction  


      Civscan: Civil Engineering Contacts: Click Here

      Conscan: Environmental Consulting & Eng Contacts: Click Here

      Buildscan: Heavy Construction Contacts: Click Here
      Arcscan: Architecture Contacts: Click Here
      Geoscan: Geologist & Related Contacts:  Click Here


   Public Utilities


      Pubscan: Utilities (Power Gen, Water, Wastewater): Click Here
      Powerscan: Power Generation Facilities Contacts: Click Here

      Muniscan: Municipal - Public Works Offices Contacts: Click Here

   Natural Resources


      Minescan: Mining Contacts: Click Here

      Natscan: Petroleum Exploration and Mining Contacts: Click Here
      Frackscan: Oil Companies engaged in Fracking Ops
: Click Here



   Public Safety


      Firescan: Fire Department Contacts: Click Here

      Lawscan: Law Enforcement Contacts: Click Here


Additional Unique Business Lists

      Hospitalscan:  Contacts working at Hospitals: Click Here        
      Projectscan: Project Management Contacts: Click Here
      Attscan: Environmental Law Firms: Click Here
      Department of Defense (DOD) Contractors: Click Here
      Regulatory Compliance Contacts: Click Here

      OSHA Violators: Track OSHA Violators: Call for details

More Details:

  • More than 750,000 job specific industry contacts (USA and Canada)
  • Email addresses Available (USA Only)
  • Telephone numbers Available
  • Fax numbers Available
  • Web sites Available
  • Optional list update service
  • Exceptional accuracy, and 100% quality guarantee

      Select Names by:

  • SIC/Industry Code
  • Job Title/Function
  • Geography

       These lists are developed and maintained via telephone surveys we


       Our dedicated in-house research staff regularly updates these
       targeted lists.


Other Available Business Lists:


  • If our in-house lists don't cover your interest we also have access to over 40,000 outside business lists from magazines, associations, trade groups, and private data providers
  • These list encompass businesses of all types and sizes
  • Target the list by industry, geography, sales volume, company size, job function, and more


Consumer - Household Lists:


  • We maintain one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry
  • Encompasses over 98% of all consumers
  • Includes more than 215 million records in 110 million households across the nation


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